Compelling Reasons to Choose Our Restaurant for Indian Food

Are you looking BEST PLACES TO EAT IN STREATHAM? There are no matchable options than ordering from Thali and Pickles. We have a complete menu of Indian cuisines prepared by our veterans. From taste to quality to service, everything here is just impeccable. Our restaurant is filled with all the tastiest foods amidst fine Indian dining, just like you get in India. The taste, quality and aroma are such that you will get the vibes as if you are eating in India.

Here is a list of compelling reasons that states why we stand out from others, and why we are the best ONLINE INDIAN RESTAURANT IN STREATHAM.

Traditional Indian Chef

Food preparation from a traditional is one thing, and however, preparation from a regular chef is entirely different. Undoubtedly, there is no substitute to a traditional chef. The taste speaks up itself. The way of preparing, adding ingredients, and most importantly the quality of differs makes a big difference. We understand the importance of traditional chefs and that’s why we have with us the best chefs from India with an experience of more than 10 years. These veterans explore all avenues to bring out the authentic Indian taste. Any dish you pick, you will love having every bite. Just Irresistible!

Flexible Menu Options

Flexibility is what makes us stand out from other ONLINE INDIAN RESTAURANT IN STREATHAM. Whether you want to dine with your loved ones, or want to eat together in groups, we have outstanding mix combo where you can mix without any hassle. Especially, the different curries options available with us are hard to find in other restaurants in London. The Mumbai Fish Curry, and Zinga Methi (King prawns) are the most special food items which are hard to miss, in case you are a first-time customer including our special Indian Thali.

Unlike other restaurants where they serve only non-veg, herein, we have a multiple option for vegetarians as well as for non-vegetarians.

Value for Money Service

Quality makes a difference. When you order with us, we assure you to offer you the value for money. We serve you 1oo% fresh and original foods. Also, we have got license to validate our authenticity. In case, you are dubious whether the chicken slaughters are haram or halal? Well, we serve you 100% halal dishes so that every customer is comfortable to order from us.

Top-notch Service

Apart from our quality and taste, our service also stands out from other INDIAN RESTAURANT IN STREATHAM. We have top-notch service and an excellent customer support system. We guarantee to deliver the product on time, so that you can enjoy your meal without much waiting. The moment you place an order with us, you get them on your doorstep within 40 minutes. If you want to have a family dining, or friend’s reunion, we recommend you to go for our special reservation service where you can reserve your seats and book in advance.

Hungry on Sunday or on weekday? Thali and Pickles is there open to serve you throughout the week. Order today, and get the essence of Indian cuisine today!





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5-6 Balham Station Road, London, England, SW12 9SG.

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